The Hosts

James and Jordan come together weekly to discuss all the latest happenings in the world of college football. Healthy debate, intriguing segments and interaction with you, the fans.

Our aim is to try and provide a fun engaging podcast that can guide you along the college football season. 

The UK has already embraced the NFL, we love the sport over here. It is our aim to offer content which could help more people discover and enjoy College Football too.


Jordan Merritt

Following a trip with his wife to Seattle, Jordan experienced his first college game between Washington and Utah. He loved the atmosphere so much that he decided to say goodbye to sleep and began following Washington and the Pac-12. After years as a casual college fan, he has become fully invested in the sport including writing articles and draft profiles. 


James Hill

Like many Brits, I went to Disney World and came back a fan of both the Florida Gators and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, I have been following the sport since 2014 and been addicted ever since.