NFL Draft Profile - Kolby Harvell-Peel - Safety - Oklahoma State

Written by George @UkNFLVoice on Twitter

Profile: Height: 6ft 0”

Weight: 210lbs

School: Oklahoma State

Position: Safety

Career Stats:

Previously rated as a 3-star prospect Harvell-Peel quickly proved to be undervalued in recruiting and an indispensable member of the OSU defence. This article has been in writing for over a year, initially, he declared for the 2021 draft but with a COVID ravaged season he decided to reverse his decision and return for a final season at Boone Pickens. Premature decisions however are not something Harvell-Peel transfers to the football field, with a constant eye on the quarterback he’s calculated in his on-field approach.


Harvell-Peel walked into OSU with modest expectations for year 1, someone who was expected to grow over time. Instead, his relentless gym ethic and ability to pick up concepts quickly meant his importance to the team grew immediately after he stepped onto the campus. He’s got a respected aura in the locker room and his love of music resonates around the team.

Entering the NFL won’t be a problem for Harvell-Peel, he was a big part of the ‘unmatched OSU chemistry’ in this recent season and his presence as a rookie will be felt in NFL locker rooms.

Key Attributes:

· Great range and sense of timing

· High football IQ

· Aggressive tackler

Look at the below footage, not content with just making a stop Harvell-Peel initiates contact and positions his body into a stance to strip the ball away. It’s his quick thinking and football savviness that allows him to impact the game in more areas than just the backfield.

Goodbye College:

Sometimes your last college game can be a chance to reflect on the time with your teammates. Not for Harvell-Peel, he arguably took the game away singlehandedly from the Notre Dame offence with a forced fumble and a stop on 4th down.

What do the stats say?

· Top 10 rated safety for pass rush defence in CFB

· Highest number of INT’s at Ok State, 3 in 2021 season

Draft destinations:

Teams are most likely to be impressed with his versatility, he’s best served in a zone coverage dominated defence who utilises his ball hawk abilities. All the hype is about Kyle Hamilton and rightly so, but don’t let this guy slip through the net. The combine will be his next time to shine and he’ll be hoping to get some good times in the 3-cone drill and 40-yard dash.

Some evaluators may consider that the NFL will have more man to man coverages which could leave him exposed against elite receivers downfield but if his ability to develop at the NFL is anything like college Harvell-Peel is going to be a good piece to have late in games. He’ll need to improve his ability to get into position with the NFL being so much quicker than the college game, so time will tell if his projection stays around the 5th round or if someone is willing to take a chance earlier.

Projected: Rounds 4-6

Written by George - @UkNFLVoice

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