NFL Draft Profile - Tyler Allgeier - RB - BYU

He converted from running back to linebacker and then back to running back and hasn't looked back since


Height - 5ft 10" Weight - 220lbs Class - Sophomore

High School

Allgeier attended Kaiser High School in Fontana, California. By the time he finished his High School career, he had clocked up over 5000 rushing yards, which is still the school's record and 56 Touchdowns.

Despite having a very good senior year at High School, he held a 2-star rating according to 247Sports, was ranked 232nd running back in the country and received no D1 offers. He eventually was a walk-on at BYU in 2018 and had to work at Walmarts to keep up with the tuition fees.

Allgeier playing for Kaiser High School
Allgeier playing for Kaiser High School. Photo via Allgeier Hudl account

College Career

In his Freshman season, he featured in just four games, before redshirting.

To get more snaps in 2019 he decided to move from running back to linebacker. He was determined to prove his worth and wanted to do what he could, to gain more reps and the trust of his coaches. In some ways, it would pay off as he played in all 13 games, recording 26 tackles & 0.5 sacks. He also had 17 carries for 119 rushing yards on offence.

Despite seeing a fair amount of action at linebacker, he converted back to being a running back in 2020 and finally was given his opportunity to show his ability. He rushed for 1130 yards and 13 Touchdowns from just 150 carries. Following a bigger role in the offence, he returned as the starting running back in 2021.

He carried on where he left off, with big performances week in, week out. He eventually rushed for 1606 yards & 23 touchdowns. Finishing 4th overall in rushing yards and tied 1st for rushing touchdowns in the whole of the BCS.

Key Attributes

  • Low Center of Gravity

  • Tricky to tackle

  • Constant motor

  • Nice balance

  • Can be a 3 down back, decent not a great receiver, average pass protection

  • Lacks top-end speed

  • Would like to see him make players miss more

I like the heart he brings, he runs hard. Fairly good at finding the gaps and turning them into positive gains. As mentioned he lacks great speed, he does get chased down in a foot race. He has a good burst at the line of scrimmage. On many occasions when he breaks off his big plays, are usually off the back of him powering through the line up to the 2nd level of defences.

I would like to see him make players miss more but he is a shifty runner with the momentum that is very tough to bring down.

A slight knock on Allgeier is the general strength of the opponents he faces most weeks. Based on final rankings BYU only faced two top 25 ranked teams and he averaged 2.2 & 3.8 yards per carry in both of those games, which were two of his worst performances on the season.

Considering my main concern and knock on Zach Wilson coming out of college last season was the strength of opponents he faced I can't just ignore this and not mention the same with Allgeier.

Although Allgeier does fit the profile of your every day running back at the NFL level, he has shown the talent to succeed at the next level.

Tape Study

Reads the weakness well initially, takes the linebacker on a foot race outside which he wins and then allows his receivers to do enough the blocking outside and squeezes through for a big touchdown.

Finds the gap, before the door closes quickly in front of him. Stays up, bounces outside and lets his legs do the rest

This is a favourite clip, great patience, then he uses misdirection and cuts to turn this into a big play. He has it in his locker for sure, I'd like to see it a little more though.

He's a good downhill runner, he reminds me a little of Khalil Herbert in 2020. Once he is up to speed he is hard to stop. Bounces out of the trouble ahead and powers through the tackles for a decent play.

Special Highlight

If you like your players to be hard-working guys, willing to fight for every play? You'll love this.

This play gets intercepted, the former linebacker shows his skills in this clip. Chases the player down, leaps over him from behind & smartly punches the ball out of his hands to turn over the turnover. Incredible play.

Draft Predictions

3rd/4th Round - This is a little harder to predict, the stats are there, the tape is there. If he was in the 2020 running back class I would say he would've been around RB4 or RB5 in that draft and a 2nd/3rd round pick potentially. The general standard and depth are much deeper in this years running back class. I think he has the potential to be a steal if he goes any later than the 3rd round for a team but I could see it happening if he was to be 2 or 3 places below my list of running backs, which really wouldn't surprise me as I think quite highly of him.

Season Highlights

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