NFL Draft Profile - Sincere McCormick - RB - UTSA

UTSA Roadrunners record-breaking running back is heading to the NFL Draft.


Height - 5ft 9" Weight - 205lbs Class - Junior

High School

Coming out of the Texas area, Sincere played his high school football at Judson. He was a 3-star recruit and did receive a fair amount of interest. He committed to UTSA Roadrunners over bigger programs like Syracuse and Memphis, sighting the importance of staying close to home and wanting to help build the program.

College Career

The talented Sincere McCormick stepped straight into the starting running back role as a true freshman, he broke the all-purpose yards record for the school finishing the season with 1,177 yards.

It was no surprise in his second year as a Sophomore he went on to break further school records. He broke the record for most rushing yards, most rushing touchdowns and all-purpose yards in a single season.

He was an integral part of the UTSA offence finishing the season as the leading rusher in the Conference USA and finishing second for most rushing yards in the entire FBS, falling only behind stand out 2022 NFL Draft prospect Breece Hall.

With such an impressive Sophomore season all eyes were on him heading into his Junior season. UTSA were a team that was looking impressive on offence with Fred Harris growing as a starting quarterback. UTSA had a fantastic season where until the final week of the regular season, they won all its games.

They headed into their championship matchup with equally impressive Western Kentucky (They are that team with the Quarterback that broke Joe Burrows records, his name is Zappe by the way and you will hear a lot about him) 11-1. In a shoot out they managed to win the Conference USA, where Sincere McCormick had a huge game, he finished with 239 total yards and 3 touchdowns.

He capped off another very productive season and handled the pressure that comes with being a stand out player at his College and the wider College Football universe.

Key Attributes

  • Great burst and initial speed

  • Low centre of gravity

  • Subtle changes of direction

  • Big playability

  • Some inconsistency in driving through players at the line of scrimmage

Although he has a much better burst than Khalil Herbert, he does remind me of him from watching his tape last year. If he can get those legs motoring he has no issue pounding through tackles and into the second level. I think Sincere's speed is a little underrated, he’s certainly got enough to rip off big runs. He’s also had a few long-running touchdowns in his college career.

Given his usage and being a pivotal role for UTSA over the past two seasons, I would've liked to have seen him score a few more touchdowns. Although not a major concern, I have noticed he does struggle at times to power through defenders without a running start. His highlights against Illinois show this, on a lot of occasions in that game he was pushed back at the line of scrimmage for no gain. When I watch Walker and Hall they tend to steal yards in similar situations by using their strength to push forward into tackles, which I just don't see as much with Sincere's tape. It’s not a massive knock though, Illinois had a good defensive front and manhandled a few offensive lines throughout the seasons.

He does offer a level of explosion and as I just mentioned once he gets going he is hard to tackle and knocks over defenders at the second level no problem at all.

Another slight knock is the level of opponents UTSA face regularly. Playing in a group of five conference, the overall level they go up against is generally regarded as weaker. UTSA did certainly have some big bodies on their offensive line and you do see them out muscle defensive lineman quite often which helps McCormick. This argument can be given for a lot of successful backs though and you do see him grind hard against stacked boxes a lot too.

Tape Study

Finds the hole, before changing direction and outrunning the three defenders to gain the first down

I wish I saw a little more patience in his approach because he has a decent vision for seeing where the weak spots are. This is an example where a little patience pays off and he can break off for a big gain.

I enjoy watching him break out of the tackles in this play. Great use of the spin move, balance on the second tackle and strength to push away from the third attempt to bring him down.

Downhill running 101, speed through the middle, keep your balance even though you've run straight into a defender and bounce out of trouble for a touchdown.

As I mention in my profile, his quick, subtle but highly effective movements get him away from the two diving tackles presented to him at the line of the scrimmage. Once he breaks these, he's away into the open field, his speed and strength are on full display in this clip as he pushes a defender away and speeds into the endzone.

Draft Predictions

3rd/4th Round - When it comes to running the ball he is one of the stronger backs in this class. I could see him gaining a role early as part of a tandem with the potential of him becoming the guy for a team. He isn't overly strong in pass protection but also not the worst, has been more than useful in the receiving game also to help a running back needy team to push the button in the mid-rounds for him.

Season Highlights

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