NFL Draft Profile - Isaiah Spiller - RB - Texas A&M

Updated: Feb 5

He often leaves defenders in his dust, now will he leave the rest of the running back class in the dust heading to the draft?


Height - 6ft 1" Weight - 215lbs Class - Junior

High School

Spiller attended Klein Collins High School, he totalled 3587 yards from scrimmage and 53 touchdowns. In the 2019 class, he was given a 4-star rating, finding himself ranked as the 9th best RB in the country and 152nd overall prospect.

Not surprisingly Spiller was highly recruited by many schools. He received 21 offers including Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan, Oregon and the list goes on. After completing his visits he soon decided to commit to Texas A&M where he played out his college career.

Check out his highlights below, he presented many of the incredible traits even at this early stage of his career.

College Career

Usually, when you look at college player stats, they tend to prop up the depth charts early or get eased into the mix, before receiving more opportunities. Spiller is rare on that front, he started 9 of 13 games in his true freshman season, totalling over 1000 yards from scrimmage and 10 touchdowns.

If you look at his stats he is very consistent. He averaged 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6 yards per carry each season from a similar amount of attempts. He's very efficient and trusted in the receiving game too.

One disappointing aspect is the drop in touchdowns as he progressed through his career. This is where he might struggle to compete with other top backs heading into the draft.

Although his usage at times by Texas A&M could be a little questionable, this might be a positive for NFL teams. He's had 177 fewer carries than Breece Hall for example in the same 3 year period. I do find myself wondering why they didn't lean on him a little more considering how effective he was at running the ball. Although another back who is rising up the draft board is Dameon Pierce who was heavily underused by my Florida Gators and it's not hurting his opportunity too much because the talent is too good to ignore.

Key Attributes

  • Explosive

  • Incredible vision

  • Quick feet, always looking to win with movement

  • Good balance

  • 3 down back, has good catching ability, adequate pass blocking. Although will need to improve.

  • Although he has great acceleration, he does get chased down more than I would like

  • Compared to other top backs, he lacks the same quantity of touchdowns

  • Probably the best running/receiving back in the draft

Oh boy, watching his tape is so much fun. It puts a smile on your face. His quick feet, super-fast burst, patience, twitchiness is hard to stop. He tricks defenders all the time, with his movement.

No doubt he has the biggest ceiling out of all the top backs heading into the draft. I think the consensus is his usage in college might hold him back from being a clear number 1 running back in this class. He's done enough to be in contention without blowing anyone away with his stats.

He has all the exciting traits that should shine through at the combine. One concern for me is his long speed. Great burst, fast acceleration but struggles to sustain that top speed you would like to see with an earlier drafted back. Also, he's experienced issues fumbling the ball, registering 8 fumbles in his 3 seasons.

Tape Study

Smartly holds his run and then when the opportunity shows itself uses that quick burst to speed past the first defender and into the gap, manages to battle before riding the final tackle and spinning into the end zone

Finds the gap, before the door closes quickly in front of him. Stays up, bounces outside and lets his legs do the rest

Sit back and enjoy. He's faced with nowhere to go, tries to jump outside and linebacker closes that avenue down, so he jumps back inside, finds the gap and uses his twitchy movement to force missed tackles before getting tackled for nearly a 20 yard gain.

A lot of the work is done for him on this play by his line but I just enjoyed the dirty change of direction he lays on the safety, leaving him in his dust as he speeds on through.

His catching ability is a key strength

In the NFL where having a running and receiving back is king, he could easily carve out a big career. The one-handed grab, the catch behind the sticks making players miss before getting the 1st down. He's very impressive

Draft Predictions

Late 2nd Round - I maintain, I liked his versatility more than other more typical power backs that are competing for the RB1 position in this class, but something has always held me back from committing to him being better than them. That is until now.

His quick feet, devastating change of direction, his more natural receiving ability, will easily put him at the top of some NFL draft boards when looking at running backs and it doesn't surprise me. I think it is fair to say he has a little more athletic ability in his running and receiving game. I'm a huge fan of Hall and Walker but I do admit that Spiller brings the higher ceiling, due to his movement and catching ability.

The reason I hold back from saying he's the best in this class is the lack of touchdowns. His physique is good enough to be a more powerful back moving forward and perhaps Texas A&M usage held him back in some areas. If he can find the right scheme I can see him becoming one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Fantasy Prediction

Landing spots are important, if he lands somewhere where he has a clear path to becoming a starter in the next two years I think he could be valued as the number 1 back in rookie drafts. He can be a 3 down back for starters, although he's not my top back in terms of pounding the rock, he is one of the stronger backs from this class, but where he excels is his strong receiving ability and when it comes to fantasy football he could be a very valuable asset. RB1/RB2

Season Highlights

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