ESPN Player Competition

The countdown has begun to the start of the college football season. One of the biggest hurdles for the many UK and European fans is how do I access the games? ESPN Player is a great service that offers over 10,000 live sport events per year, with college football and college basketball being the main draw.

I've been using the ESPN Player for the past three seasons, which has not only allowed me to watch my team but i've been able to make the most of the huge selection of games each week, becoming the fan i am today.

James Hill - Co-host on the No Huddle Podcast

Here is your chance to win a one-year annual pass to gain full access to the great features that the ESPN Player offers. To be entered into the competition all you have to do is subscribe to our channel on YouTube, watch the video below and answer the question at the start of the episode in the comments section on YouTube to be entered. Please watch the show in full but I can promise you we ask the question within the first few minutes of the show. A huge thank you to ESPN Player for this great prize, Good luck to all that enter.

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