Elijah Moore vs Rondale Moore - Which receiver offers Moore value?

They both share the same surname, are almost identical in height and weight, graded at a similar pre-draft rating but who stands tallest heading into the draft?

Another stat that sees these two in the same category is their 40 yard dash time at their pro day.

Rondale Moore 4:29 (2nd fastest WR)

Elijah Moore 4:35 (4th fastest WR)

Both offer exceptional speed but I wanted to see if either of them jumped out when watching some of their tape

Rondale Moore

He is left all alone on this play, but it's what he does with it after which impresses me. He has no right to gain anymore than a 1st down but he holds his run, spins out of the tackle and even manages to ride out another couple of tackles for a decent gain.

He manages to manipulate the safety to step up and close the gap between them, before dropping his shoulder and changing direction and beating his man with his burst of speed

For a small guy, he does show serious strength. Similar to the 1st video he has no right to make a big gain on this play, but that burst of speed allows him to knock over the linebacker

He had a great breakout year in 2018 as a freshman, he finished the season with 1471 total yards with 14 touchdowns. Purdue used him A LOT! If he wasn't being targeted in the passing game he's running an end around or he's on punt and kick off returns.


Rec - 114, Rec Yards - 1258, AVG - 11, TDs - 12

Rush - 21, Rush Yards - 213, AVG - 10.1, TDs - 2

Punts Returns Att - 12, 82 Yards

Kickoff Returns Att - 33, 662 Yards

He is very flashy, the speed hits you in the face and he has that ability to change direction quickly which makes defenders miss.

At times Purdue's over usage of his abilities did see teams predict the multiple end around runs and screen passes which meant he struggled to gain yards as the defence was expecting it, but you can't blame them for doing what they could to get the ball in his hands, because the talent is there for all to see.

The only slight issue i noticed on a few occasions is his balance would let him down when faced in a 1on1 situation, in a standing still scenario when he was trying to make a player miss, he lost his footing on these occasions. A bigger issue is the fact since 2018 he has struggled to stay on the field. He missed most of the 2019 season with a hamstring injury and due to a lower body injury only featured in three games last season.

Given his biggest asset is his speed, the injury record does raise doubts along with very little playing time in the past couple of seasons. Talent wise he has elite speed, a good catch radius, incredible ability to create YAC yards and he is easily a 1st round talent. The big problem for me is he's hardly played the past 2 years and you have to ask yourself, if you were a GM of an NFL team would you risk a 1st round pick on a player that hasn't been able to stay fit for the past 2 seasons?

Elijah Moore

He is one of the more crisp route runners on tape, he cuts and diverts his run which gets him in space and then cuts back in to make another player miss for more yards gain.

An example of him being used in the backfield, his elite speed is very much on display here.

Please watch the video replay on his route run on this play. He sells the fake perfectly, not once but twice and completely sends the safety in the wrong direction, before making a catch despite a big hit incoming.

Unlike Rondale, Elijah has taken a little more time to bloom. His breakout year was in 2019 when he hit 850 yards and 6 touchdowns, but he really came alive in 2020.

2020 Season

Rec - 86, Rec Yards - 1193, AVG - 13.9, TDs - 8

Rush - 14, Rush Yards - 64, AVG - 4.6, TDs - 0

Punts Returns Att - 10, 34 Yards

Kickoff Returns Att - 17, 222 Yards

In similar fashion to Rondale Moore he is able to win battles in the deep game due to his speed, although one difference that jumps out to me is he slightly lacks the same burst that Rondale shows at line of scrimmage. I feel like Elijah is more utilised in the medium passing game and is very effective at finding the soft coverage areas allowing his quarterback an easy option to pass too.

A lot of the Ole Miss offence ran through Elijah in one way or another, he was in motion a lot, used in the screen game, as a decoy or even in the backfield, similar to Rondale they simply want to put the ball in his hands as he is the big play maker on this team.

His catching ability looked very strong, he made catches with one hand on a few occasions too, he looks a very consistent and reliable option on the field.

My conclusion

I've enjoyed watching them both, Rondale seems the slightly flashier prospect who probably has the higher ceiling, but due to those injuries and it being over 2 years since he lit up the college game, the floor is lower than Elijah for me. If he continues with the injury issues in the NFL he will struggle to sustain a long career. He does have more home run value but for me, if i'm deciding who to take out of these two, Elijah Moore just seems the more sensible pick.

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