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Updated: Feb 23

Jordan takes on the job that a lot of coaches snubbed

Free Agency

Bring back – Andrew Norwell and DJ Chark

Fixing this terrible Jaguars offensive line is going to be some job for newly announced HC Doug Pederson and GM Trent Baalke. LT Cam Robinson would be an expensive option to bring back and hasn't shown he is worth the amount he would be chasing. Offensive guard Andrew Norwell was easily the best performer on the line and would be a much cheaper option. The only stumbling block is Norwell agreed a pay cut and reduced years from his contract at the start of the 2021 season. If things can be hashed out, it could be the best option.

Another tricky decision for the Jags is what to do with wide receiver DJ Chark. The 2nd round draft pick in 2018 has had his ups and downs as a Jaguar. With the cap space they have I think it's worth bringing Chark back on a short deal. He has been a consistent outlet for the many QBs that have come through Jacksonville since he arrived. He started 2021 well enough before a devastating ankle injury in week 4. Signing Chark wouldn't stop them attacking a high profile wide receiver in FA if they chose to go down that route.

Bring in – Jameis Winston and Cedrick Wilson

As it stands, quarterback Trevor Lawrence has just C.J Beathard behind him in the depth chart. It sounds crazy but Jameis Winston could be a good target in FA. Winston comes with his problems, but as a backup he is one of the best available in the league. Convincing him to come in, when it looks like there is no way of beating Lawrence out of the starting job might be an issue. There are other FA quarterbacks Jaguars could look at who will be cheaper but they come with even more issues.

Lawrence will definitely need some better targets to throw to. If they bring back Chark, they will have him and Marvin Jones Jr. which isn't the worst. They are lacking a true number 1 wide-out and in FA I only really see Godwin and Adams as plays, but it's going to be hard to convince them to come to Jacksonville even if they overpay. The draft doesn't suggest anybody as a 100% number 1. I think they protect Lawrence and maybe get a guy that could be a great number 2 or 3 in the future. Cedrick Wilson made a huge leap when stepping in this season to cover injuries this season for Dallas. Wilson had 602 yards from 45 receptions and 6 touchdowns. Jones will be 33 and a free agent at the end of the new season, Wilson would get a chance this season to show he's more than just a cover guy. 2023 might be better to target a true number 1.

The Draft

Round 1 Pick 1 – Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

I've gone back and forth with this pick but I'm settled on Evan Neal unless free agency moves change my mind. As I've stated above, I'll be surprised if the Jags bring back LT Cam Robinson. That leaves a hole protecting Trevor Lawrence's blind side. Like Robinson, Neal is an Alabama Alumna but is a much better prospect in my opinion. He will go straight into LT and with 2nd round 2021 draft pick Walker Little at RT, its a start at strengthening the offensive line.

Round 2 Pick 33 – Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia

I'm guessing that with the appointment of Mike Caldwell as the new DC, the Jaguars will still run a 3-4 defence. If that is the case Devonte Wyatt would be an excellent addition to the front. Wyatt can play from different positions across the line and has been successful. Not only is he super affective as a pass rusher, he handles the run game well too.

Round 3 Pick 65 – Ed Ingram, OG, LSU

Although the offensive line looks better, the Jags still need more bodies. Ed Ingram had his off field problems early on at LSU. He has put them behind him and played some good football the last few seasons. Another versatile player, Ingram has played at both guard positions. A powerhouse in the run game and decent in pass protection. He could easily win out in training camp for a starter role.

Round 3 Pick 70 – Jake Ferguson, TE, Wisconsin

Jake Ferguson impressed at the Senior Bowl last week, which could see him climb the board. I still think here is the sweet spot, and it would be a tasty pick up for the Jaguars. Everybody knew Ferguson was an excellent blocker, but down in Mobile he showed he can also catch. With Arnold and O'Shaughnessy, Ferguson would improve the tight end room drastically.

Round 4 Pick 103 – James Cook, RB, Georgia

Back to Georgia again, this time running back James Cook. Looking at RBs and it might be strange to pick up a one here. Cook is an all-rounder threat, who can be used in many ways. It's no way a knock on his rushing ability to say he is equally as good as a pass catcher. Out of the backfield or lined up as a receiver. With 2021 first round selection Travis Etienne not seeing the field in 2021, it's always good to have solid depth.

Round 5 Pick 156 - Smoke Monday, S, Auburn

Safety help is a position that will likely be addressed in FA and in the draft. The position has some deep sleepers and Smoke Monday has potential. Monday hits hard and has an eye for the ball. With 5 interceptions in his college career, 2 of them game winning touchdowns.

Round 6 Pick 180 - Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Wisconsin

Cam Taylor-Britt would be a nice addition to a limited corner back room. He is versatile but mainly played in zone coverage.Taylor-Britt has good length and is an excellent tackler. Not sure if he will be available here.

Round 6 Pick 198 - Jack Sanborn, LB, Wisconsin

The first off back-to-back picks late in the 6th round. Jack Sanborn is another player who plays toughness and leadership. Sanborn might only look like a special team player, but don't bet against him making a push for a starting spot.

Round 6 Pick 199 - Dustin Crum, QB, Kent State

Dustin Crum had an excellent college career with the Golden Flashes. In his 5 seasons, the last 3 being as a starter, Crum threw for 7,449 passing yards, 55 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Don't forget his 2,071 rushing yards and 24 rushing TDs. Not a bad player to add to your QB room.

Round 7 Pick 221 - Jean Delance, OT, Florida

Another big offensive lineman. Jean Delance hasn't had the best of times at Florida but he has shown flashes. If the Jags can tap into that then Delance could become a good player at the next level.

Round 7 Pick 234 - Jermaine Waller, CB, Virgina Tech

Jermaine Waller is worth taking a chance on in the 7th round. He has some excellent abilities, especially in zone coverage. Waller definitely needs some coaching but there could be something to give at the next level.

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